Legislative Director


John Warren

Rescue Experience

I have been a MAGDRL volunteer for over twenty years.  Over these many years I have served in many capacities.  I began with a quite memorable solo transport in a snow storm.  A journey from a shelter in Philly to a foster in the Poconos.  That was my initiation into two decades of service.  I began with transports, then came meet and greets, home visits, dog evaluations and socialization, to vet checks and phone interviews.  As many of us have also become, I have become a resource to our community of adopters.

I have served in the Match maker roles here in PA as well as the Assistant Coordinator role which I am currently serving. 

I have studied with Catch Dog Training Academy and I am also a photographer and contribute often to our website content.  Some of my work can be found in the MAGDRL Calendar which I have contributed to for a number of years.  I produced the Broadway Barks video for the years that it was virtual.

Special Skills

I have worked in a shelter in Center City for several years with photography being one of my responsibilities.  Dog behavior and screening applicants for difficult dogs were some of my other responsibilities.  

I have a BS degree in psychology with a minor in Spanish.  I have worked in the social work/drug rehab and counseling fields for 20 years prior to moving to PA.  I worked directly with adolescents (and adults) who struggle with mental illness and substance abuse.

I knew from my experience and training that I could be helpful.  So 8 Danes later, almost as many fosters, a ton of dog hair, leashes and collars, dog treats and slobber towels and I am still here.


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Vision For MAGDRL

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