New Jersey

Domenick Salvemini

Rescue Experience

I have been a MAGDRL volunteer since 2011. Although at the time I had never adopted a Great Dane, I was intrigued with their size and gentle personalities that these animals possess. I started out by spending time with the Danes who were staying at Best Friends Pet Hotel while waiting for a foster home to become available. Daily visits allowed me to evaluate their personalities with people and even train them a thing or two. Although I grew found of every Dane that came through, in the summer of 2013, I met Shilo, a 5 month old goofball. I decided I had to have him. He has since joined us as part of our family, Shilo lost his  adopted Black and Tan step sister, Abbey, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in June 0f 2019. I now take him with me everywhere on meet and greets, special events, and home evaluations. Shilo was  trained by me and is a certified Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dog visiting hospitals, elderly homes, schools, and libraries. We have also adopted (foster failed) wit another loving female fawn Dane named, Ginger. She entered our household in June of 2018 at 2.months old. Shilo and her are buddies and one day Ginger will too try to be a therapy dog like her stepbrother.

Special Skills

12 years of managing Johanna’s Creations image thru press releases and social media. Working through JC, I design tradeshow displays using photos and text developed by me after interviewing companies to portray each of their visions. Along with that I have promoted the use of a laser engraver and 3D printer services.

Employed by Petco for 4yrs as a certified dog trainer, where my responsibilities included walking the store floor promoting training classes by interacting with customers explaining the benefits of classes given by Petco. Introducing myself, giving seminars, and doing demonstrations lead to a level of comfort and expertise which increased attentiveness as well as sales.

Working at Best Friends Pet Hotel in Greenbrook since 2014 as the sole dog trainer, I am asked for ideas for increasing awareness thru network medias such as tradeshows and local business associations. I attend tradeshows and meetings like the Super Pet Expo and the North Plainfield Small Business Association to collect data relevant to clients training interests and develop promotionals to increase positive experiences.

With excellent speaking skills, I have been invited to speak at children’s career days to explain the positive experience, required dedication, and responsibilities that come with owning a dog. Being able to gather questions and opinions so that a response can be given in a way that is fresh and clear is where I am most comfortable.


Heaven’s the place where all the dogs you’ve ever loved come to greet you.

Vision For MAGDRL

Continue to volunteer by developing and executing strategies that educate adults and children alike about MAGDRL’s vision in finding forever homes for these “Gentle Giants”.