New York

Gay Ann Wayne

Rescue Experience

My first experience with MAGDRL was in November 2003 after my Rottie passed. I’ve always had a “Working Breed” dog, like a German Shepherd, Doberman, Rottie or a Dane. I missed not having a dog and I started researching Great Danes Rescues and MAGDRL came into my life. I adopted my first MAGDRL Dane in 2004–Chiara a spoiled little Blue girl. Chiara had lived outside with another Dane who was also surrendered to rescue. She brought such happiness to our family that I wanted to help and give back, so I became a volunteer. I helped the NY coordinator with phone interviews, Vet. Checks, home evaluators, transportation’s , meet & greets and evaluations of Danes being surrendered.

I found the most fulfilling part of volunteering is fostering. To watch a dog that’s been neglected/abused either mentally or physically and see them trust you again is so rewarding. I’ve fostered 35 dogs and foster failed with 7 🙂 We adopted Mason in 2005, Jack in 2007, Onyx in 2008 and Maggie in 2011, Petey in 2013, Loki in 2015 and Buddy in 2016. I’ve been a Chapter Coordinator for NY since 2008.

Special Skills

I was a NYC Detective who retired after 24 years of law enforcement, 19 of those years I was assigned to the FBI. I’m self motivated and very organized with my paperwork, which has helped run the NY Chapter. I’m a member currently serving on MAGDRL’s Board of Directors as Secretary.


A pet isn’t a possession, its family.

Vision For MAGDRL

This organization is run by volunteers who are passionate about helping the Danes. We’ve been able to help a lot of Danes in need of new homes and educate the public about this breed. To continue to build good relationships with shelters and other rescue groups.