New Jersey

Roxanne Dolce

Rescue Experience

I first became a member back in 2002. I fell in love with the breed when rehabbing after major surgery.  My physical therapist had a blue Great Dane that traveled with her.  I became aware of MAGDRL after my first Dane experience where I discovered there are many unsatisfactory situations for Great Danes.  From that first experience I sought out to help Danes and found MAGDRL at a Meet & Greet.

I soon became a member and volunteer.  I wanted to work directly with the Danes and became an evaluator for the New Jersey Chapter.

I eventually became a Board member and served as the Fundraising & Grant Director

Branching off in 2007 I created with a group of people another rescue for second chance large breed dogs. During that time, I assisted with evaluations and home visits for MAGDRL.

Coming back full time in 2019 as a volunteer in NJ I assumed my role as an evaluator.  In 2020 the existing Treasurer was seeking to retire her position and I was asked if I would take the role given my background is Accounting and Finance.  It took some convincing and officially became the treasurer in 2021.  I am still working with Christina Kallay since this job has big shoes to fill with much to learn.

Special Skills

I am a licensed trainer that specialized in dogs with temperament issues.    I have spent most of my rescue career evaluating and working with dogs that have issues.  As I’ve aged and matured assessing the situation whether it be the dog itself or the surroundings/situation has become less challenging but never easy. 


Dogs make life exponentially better

Vision for MAGDRL

Grow the organization, make people aware of what we do and help as many Danes as we can. The MAGDRL family is a great group of people!