Christina Buckner

Rescue Experience

Christina has been an active volunteer with MAGDRL since 2002. This includes running and attending Meet & Greets and other MAGDRL events, doing homechecks, dog evaluations, dane transports, fundraising, and volunteer coordination. She is the webmaster for the main MAGDRL website, and has been on the Board of Directors since 2003. In July 2007 Christina became the coordinator for the MD/DC chapter of MAGDRL and handled everything from adoption approvals to volunteers to fundraising to dog intake. In March 2013 she stepped back to the MD/DC assistant coordinator and stepped up to become the MAGDRL Treasurer. Christina also handles the mailing list, merchandise store, and many more small pieces that help to keep MAGDRL running smoothly.

In 2005, Christina became a trained volunteer with the international non-profit organization Noah’s Wish, an organization who’s mission is to save animals in disasters, and was a member of their Board of Directors from 2009-2011. Christina is also an active volunteer with the Maryland State Animal Response Team, and leads their County Animal Response Team committee. She also is a member of her county’s Animal Welfare Council.

Special Skills

In her working life, Christina is a Systems Engineer and Program/Project Manager. Her job often includes organizing and leading a team, and being pushed to constantly learn new things. She is willing to go out and learn something new to try and make things easier for everyone involved, and is a quick learner. She is extremely well organized when it comes to paperwork and is not afraid to take the lead when needed. This ties directly to everything that needs to be done to keep MAGDRL running smoothly.


Education is the key.

Vision For MAGDRL

That MAGDRL continues to grow within the states we currently cover and we continue to make strides toward operating as a large, organized corporation. We have made great strides in doing this over the past several years, but there is still work to be done. I would also like for MAGDRL to one day be able to have the financial backing to help those Danes in even the worst medical conditions.