Mya Came to MAGDRL in Jan 2024 (5)

Are you looking for a true Southern belle Dane? If so, then Mya is your belle of the ball! Mya is a beautiful five-year-old fawn Dane (mixed in with a little we-don’t-know what) who doesn’t simply walk, she sashays her hips from side-to-side as she sidles up to you for a lean-in rub. Like a true belle, Mya is house trained and will let you know when she needs to go out by going to the back door. She loves a cuddle and, when she is completely relaxed, will roll on her back and put all four of her pretty paws in the air for a full-on belly rub. The couch and her dog bed are her places to get extra love.

Mya was overweight when she came to her foster family- but she is slowly slimming down. Mya does best with a sensitive skin and stomach dog food (easy to buy online) and has absolutely no food aggression. Mya LOVES her treats (very food motivated) and has been known to counter surf (which her foster family is working on with her) when her foster family is out of the house. She does well at home alone but, true to Dane style, she prefers to be around her people.

Like a Southern belle, Mya LOVES to be in the garden and stares intently at a tree for the longest time- in hopes of chasing a squirrel that dares to climb down or waiting for we don’t know what! Mya is a great companion in the car and loves to go for rides. She is on medication (Pruin) for mild leakage- but the vet feels that as she loses weight it will be a non-issue.

Mya is very protective over her family members and we are working with her on this. Mya will sashay her way into your heart and home in no time!

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